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LIR Services

Company "AS6723" is LIR . LIR is a local Internet registry, LIR - an organization that is engaged in the distribution of the address space of Internet users (service providers and their customers) and all the related registration services. Our company as the only one LIR RIPE NCC member from five Regional Internet Registries, RIRs, performing division of Internet resources, and the related registration and coordination of activities to support the global functioning of the Internet.


AS6723 LIR is a local Internet registrar that provides support for independent Internet resources (Provider Independent IP) users in the registry RIR. In this case the organization that is the mediator between a large number of end users and the RIPE NCC.

Fewew reasons to sign a contract with the AS6723 LIR

RIPE NCC may block your IP address, and then for 3 months, you will need to make a deal with AS6723 LIR, even if there is a contract directly with the RIPE NCC («DA» or «Direct Assignment»).

Since starting of activation procedure all independent resources should be subjects to account by RIPE NCC and can only be provided in case of contract between the end resources’ user («End User») and LIR («AS6723 LIR»). Such conditions are set for the new independent dedicated resources and older that were allocated to the policy change. Two factors were selected as prolongation criteria of resources : the presence of a written contract with the owner of the resource and the annual income payment from LIR, that serves them . If you receive a payment ceases, then the network is considered as not used one, and it returns to the range of available RIPE addresses. All addresses’ owners left without LIR letters to e-mail will be sent listed in the database of RIPE, with a proposal to define the LIR and sign a contract

An independent resources are: IP addresses blocks and categories IPv4 IPv6, which are allocated directly without provider (PI), traffic exchange point between the Internet providers (IXP) and any cast addresses. The new scheme of extension involves the separate fees for each resource .

Advantages to sign the contract for AS6723 LIR with us

We offer the most favorable market prices for annual maintenance of battery systems or IP networks of any size . Our services include maintenance, support and maintenance of PI addresses (Provider Independent) systems or AS (Autonomous System). Because we are professionals, we can resolve any unusual situations and to be sure in a positive result.

What should be done to relocate your resources to our service?

If online registration wasn’t done with us, but you are going to move to our service, you can do it ! There are two options to proceed:

Your LIR is agree to relocate the network: Fill in our application on this site and you will receive our contract , and sample e-mail message that should be sent to RIPE NCC. After your letter is received RIPE NCC asks all parties ( us, you and your current LIR), if they are not against such transfer. When we receive approval, the objects will be transferred to us for the service. Next, you need to sign the contract and do your payment.

Your LIR is against transfer of network: This issue can be solved. Firstly, you need to fill in an application online . The second step - inform your LIR in writing of unwillingness to continue the contract with it. From our site we will initiate the procedure for the transfer of your resources to our LIR -for- service. The email address that is listed in RIPE database, will receive a letter that the contract between you and your old LIR is no longer valid and you must select a new LIR within the next 3 months. Send a reply to this letter that it will be UA.XAIM. From this point you can sign the contract with us. Your previous LIR has no effective pressure on you in the RIPE NCC. So you can feel safe and confident.

Don’t you remember by who your our networks were registered?

Fill out an application on this site and we will provide information about your LIR, and will send a special offer for cooperation with us.

How to sign AS6723 LIR contract with us?

All you need to do – fill in an application online and send us the documents (signed contract with us (AS6723 LIR) and you ( the owner of the independent resources ) and scanned copy of the your registration in governmental authorities ). In case you are not a legal entity, we must receive your scanned passport copy . Here you can find sample contract between the owner and AS6723 LIR block PI.

How can I apply for AS6723 LIR services?

Nowadays you can get PA PI and IPv6 blocks. For obtaining IP block addresses please fill in an application . After that you will be contacted by a specialist who informs actions to be executed for registration.

PI IPv6 addresses

Currently, providers can register Independent (PI) IPv6 address blocks . IPv6 routing table primarily planned to do most " aggregatable ", which involved a lack Provider Independent (PI) address , however large organizations that wish to reserve providers («BGP failover»), pushed to RIPE to obtain PI- addresses in IPv6.

The obtaining procedure of AS number and block PI addresses

Once you send us a completed application for registration of resources , the next step that needs to be done - a written " Agreement applying for allocation of independent number of Internet resources and their support," with our LIR. After the agreement is signed , we will send you an invoice for payment of application services , and provide the necessary forms . Once we receive payment, the registration process of numbering resources will begin according to the questionnaires. When this procedure is successfully completed, we will send additional invoice for annual maintenance of numbering resources. If RIPE refuses in the registration of number resources , additional payments will not be billed. Payment for the application is not refundable. Organizations that are not major providers, but have a LAN with multiple external connections can get AS number. Usually except AS number PI address is required for the interaction with multiple providers and connection traffic exchange point IX.

The whole process can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Representatives of our company will discuss our further cooperation with you .
  • We sign a bilateral agreement for our services , payment should be done .
  • AS6723 specialists collect data already available in your network , administrative and technical contacts , fill in the form for applying to RIPE, and provide copies of the required documents.
  • Facilities obtaining and correspondence with RIPE NCC on our behalf.
  • We transfer information about you obtained networks and the objects in the database of RIPE NCC.


Stages of resources registration process

Term of obtaining addresses depends on the size of the block and takes at about 2 weeks. You should be aware of the fact that RIPE wants to get confirmation of the size of your network and asks to submit invoices for the purchase of network equipment and servers. After your previous data is received, we will issue an application for registration of resources and send it to RIPE NCC. You will promptly receive a draft contract that will require you to sign, scan and send to our e-mail address. This will help us to perform faster registration of resources as a scanned copy of the contract signed by both parties , we must add to the application as required by the rules.

Advantages of PI addresses

A block of IP addresses has a bind to the highest equipment provider. If there is a need to move to another ISP or transfer equipment to another data center, you have to reconfigure all servers IP addresses in the new location , change the DNS for all domains , etc. If you have multiple servers this operation is not difficult , but if the number of servers reaches several dozen, it will be very hard. Having a stand-alone system and PI block, you can connect to multiple operators to ensure the reliability of your network (you need a router that supports BGP).

What are purposes and who needs their own IP?

The respond to this question is quite simple: own IP- addresses are needed by companies that have developed and extensive IT- infrastructure. These are:

  • Large companies with expanded branch network (IP- addresses allocated to branches). This provides a direct connection between them , the possibility of mail servers, conferencing , etc.
  • Service Providers that use IP- addresses for their own infrastructure and allocate them to their customers, for mail servers, IP- phones , etc.
  • Hosting Providers that use IP- addresses for their own infrastructure and to highlight their client servers, virtual servers, and sites using SSL- certificates.

You can be the first - start to provide services to IPv6 now! We assure you that our prices for IPv6 are the most profitable.


We are pleased to offer registration services of the Autonomous System (AS). In order to enjoy the benefits of AS you need to fill in an application for registration of the resources on our website. A representative of our company will contact you and provide details on the workflow for the registration of objects.

Is it possible to buy only the Autonomous System (AS)?

Unfortunately , you cannot re-execute AS from one owner to another apart from IPaddresses‘ block. But you can request an autonomous system in the RIPE through AS6723 LIR.

How to obtain objects:

  • You complete an application for registration of resources on this site.
  • Representatives of our company will discuss with you our further cooperation.
  • We sign a bilateral agreement for our services, payment is done .
  • Our specialists collect data already available in your network , administrative and technical contacts , fill in the form for applying to RIPE, and provide copies of the required documents.
  • Facilities obtaining and correspondence with RIPE NCC on our behalf.
  • We transfer information about you obtained networks and the objects in the database of RIPE NCC.


Completion of all stages takes approximately one week . Terms obtaining objects are directly dependent on the size of the network, and how you explained the need in the facility that you want to get. One should note that the RIPE NCC may reject the application in whole or satisfy it partly , so we recommend you to provide detailed information about the needs of the facility.

Documents and data required for interaction with RIPE NCC

  • Services contract signed with them.
  • Certificate of registration (scan).
  • Information concerning your previous networks.
  • The administrative and technical contacts (name ot the company, address, phone number).
  • Completed RIPE application form (it will be filled by employees of AS6723 LIR).



Unfortunately , on September 14, 2012 addresses IPv4 were finished in RIPE NCC region . Today PA IPv4 addresses are only available for new LIR, only once , and only one block / 22 (1024 ip- address). Registration of new PI IPv4 addresses is currently not possible.

I need a block of IPv4. What actions should be done?

We offer several options for getting to use IPv4. You can:

  • rent a block of IPv4 addresses in AS6723 LIR;
  • obtain LIR status and power /22 (1024 ip- address)
  • adopt a block PA IPv4 addresses from AS6723 LIR to your LIR
  • obtain network infrastructure with all blocks PI IPv4 or PA IPv4 from the third part ( as well as equipment and customers ) through a merger or acquisition of the organization (or unit) **

** You can contact us through the contact form and request the block address , and we will do our best to find you the organization that is willing to sell its infrastructure and power IPv4.