AS6723 - Сommunications operator - FAQ


In this section you will find answers to questions frequently asked by our users. If you do not find the answer to your question in this section - required post it, we regularly answer questions aktulni respond to users.

  What are your prices and connection fee?
The company practices individual approach to every client. To connect with attractive price (or reconnection the previous provider because unsatisfied quality), please call our operators who are happy to advise and provide complete and accurate information.
  How to login to your personal subscriber ‘s page? (login and password are specified in the contract if they were not changed later).

  How to know the password to log-in a private office?
Call the subscriber department or consult in a written way.
  Can I have an email at your resource?

Yes, you can get an email <login> You have to submit a request with your contact e-mail address to (You should indicate the number of emails and payment information).

  Where can I find settings for e-mail client?

Please follow the link -

  Why I cannot sent email through other smtp servers?

In order to prevent spam we blocked 25 , 465 and 587 ports. To open them you need to send a request with your contact e-mail address to and specify your user name.

  Can I order additional IP addresses?
Yes, there is such option available. There is an additional fee for this service. For more information, contact your account manager .
  What is your smtp server?

  What are domain name servers (DNS) I (we )can use ?

Main -, alternative -

  I have posted technical area (collocation) on your server. How can I get access to technical area for its services?

Access should be agreed with the technical department. You have to send a request to with date, time and name of the person access should be provided to. Also this person must have an identity document.

  How to pay for your services?

Our option:


  • Payment of services for businesses:
    Payment for services performed by legal entities by bank transfer on the basis of invoice / contract. For more information please contact: 585-5002
  • Payment of services for individuals:
    Subscribers - individuals pay Internet services in the nearest branch of any bank in Kiev. Services are provided after confirmation of payment by sending a receipt by fax or email.