AS6723 - Сommunications operator - Team


Every employee of our company - from the first line of support to the chief engineer - has extensive experience in networking. Before getting the job all specialists are multi-selected, interviewed and trained.

Minimum Requirements:

  • higher (complete or incomplete) education;;
  • experience in our area (ISP, IT- Company);
  • knowledge and experience:

    • UNIX / BSD user-level
    • Group OS Windows Administrator
    • Obligatory knowledge of TCP/IP, routing on Internet ( not enough to have a basic working knowledge of computers and the Internet, "Know -click and double -click")
    • knowledge of the basic principles of operation of switches, routers

To operate the system administrator in the maintenance department must satisfy the following requirements (besides higher education):

  • experience working for a company that provides Internet services (ISP);
  • work with the main switching equipment manufacturers CISCO, Juniper, Extreme, Dell, D-Link (switches, routers);
  • working knowledge in Unix- systems (setup routing servers);
  • protocols and technologies : BGP, QinQ, vMAN, etherchannel, STP / RSTP / MSTP;
  • setting firewall'ov : iptables, pf, ipfw, tc;
  • practical settings skills and operation of IP- telephony (asteriks);
  • experience servicing services : web (apache), database (postgreSQL), Monitoring (mrtg, collectd, nagios), backup (bacula), authentication (radius, tacacs) and others;
  • knowledge and understanding of the principles of the switches, routers and network technologies;
  • ability to work in Unix systems and routing settings;
  • automation of processes (writing system utilities , scripts , etc.);
  • preferably have programming skills in php, perl, sql and others;
  • technical English;
  • strong analytical skills.