AS6723 - Сommunications operator - Technology


Our network uses equipment manufactured by Juniper and Extreme.

At the core of the network we use network switches series Extreme Networks Summit X650. They are designed to support service interfaces 10 Gigabit Ethernet, installed in a data center (DC).

Summit X650 optimizes the implementation of new servers, providing a migration from existing Gigabit Ethernet servers for equipment performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Thanks to its universality in design Summit X650 secured exceptional performance of L2 commutation with low latency and unicast routing and multicast IPv4 and IPv6, scalable.

Juniper MX series router is for external use routing . This is a group of routers Ethernet with high performance, operating as the universal limit platform that is able to provide all types of services.

We also act as a local Internet registrar and provide services in the field of selection / maintenance of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. In addition, our company is an accredited registrar of domain names in different areas, provides the registration and maintenance of domain names, hosting services.

«AS6723» follows the current trends and uses advanced technologies:

  • flexibility and scalability of network - QinQ, MSTP, vMAN, etherchannel;
  • to expand the address space of users - IPv6
  • to automate domain registrations - EPP

The main advantage of using the data link is a single common network of geographically distributed buildings. Due to the presence of the branched fiber network and the use of active equipment from world leaders such as Juniper Networks, we can provide high quality and resiliency services. Moreover, your personal data channel will guarantee reserved speed.

We provide data channels on the second level model of open systems interconnection, that you can use any protocols of higher levels in your work , whether it is a widely used protocol or IP protocol IPv6, which recently gaining weight and popularity. We can organize data channel on your request on the third level model of open systems based on the protocol IP, which is widely used.